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The flag of SloveniaSlovenia

Capital City: Ljubljana
Population (Millions): 2


GDP Per Capita: US$
GDP per Sector:
Agriculture -
Industry -
Services -
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Big Cities (>100,000): Maribor
Urban Population:
Languages: Official languages Slovene. Italian and Hungarian are recognised as official languages in the residential municipalities of the Italian or Hungarian national community

National Franchise Association

Slovenian Franchise Association

Slovenian Franchise Association
Mr. Igor Pavlin


There are no specific franchise laws in Slovenia. The Slovenian Code of Obligations which came into force in January 2002 does not specifically mention franchising but will apply to franchise agreements.

Although there are no requirements relating to the format of franchise agreements, they are required to be in writing as they amount to “industrial property and know-how”.

The law of public usage on the Slovenian language requires that all conducted business must be in Slovenian language. Where business is conducted with foreign entities, other languages can be used in addition to the Slovenian translation.

There are two domestic competition laws which affect franchising in Slovenia being the Prevention of the Restriction of Competition Act and The Protection of Competition Act.

In addition, the Slovenian Franchising Association adopted the European Code of Ethics in Business Franchising as the Slovenian Franchising Code of Ethics providing useful guidance to the issues of franchising in Slovenia.

Conclusion. It is essential for all legal documentation to be reviewed before franchises are sold in Slovenia.


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