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Franchise Matchmaking in East and Central Europe

How to find those elusive candidates?
Identifying suitable candidates for consideration as franchisees, master franchisors and franchise developers is a difficult and often expensive process. With people on the ground researching on you behalf our franchise matchmaking service is tailor made to fit your needs.

Matchmaking for franchisorsThe World Franchise Associates (WFA) International Franchise Matchmaking service is the result of 15 years of international franchise marketing experience.

The challenge is locating companies or individuals qualified to manage a franchise at a national or regional level.

Experience has proven that attending international franchise exhibitions results in a high financial and time investment with 99% of the floor traffic being single unit candidates. Advertising is expensive and unpredictable. How to find those elusive candidates? The WFA International Franchise Matchmaking service:

  • We work with you to produce a Candidate Profile which will include financial capability, management resources, industry experience and any factors which target the ideal candidate.
  • We then assign a multilingual business graduate Matchmaking Researcher to research the market producing a database with full contact fields.
  • At the end of each week the researcher sends a pre-agreed email to each contact in the Candidate Database written in English and the local language alerting the candidates to your franchise investment opportunity. Responses are immediately forwarded to the franchisor for follow up and the weekly database is forwarded at the end of each week.
  • The researcher will work with you to develop dialogue and meetings either at your head office or in the target country.
  • The Researcher will coordinate with local Franchise Associations in your target markets to obtain additional background on candidates and obtain specific market information based on your requirements.




Understanding • Evaluating • Communicating • Completing

Our World Franchise Finder Service provides a fully comprehensive 4-step program which covers:

1. Understanding your business and goals

2. Evaluating and short-listing international franchise opportunities tailored to your unique requirements and suitability

3. Communicating your business profile as an ideal franchisee candidate

4. Completing the process of acquiring the best possible franchise for development


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